Z BMW X7 - Silver 2 X 12 VOLTS TOTAL 24 VOLTS 1 seat

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This top quality ride-on has absolutely everything a child could want, combined with optimal safety features, it includes immediate parental lockout via the remote control. The X7 boasts an incredible array of features including realistic engine sounds, dual speed modes (3km/h and 5km/h), forward and reverse motion, horn, headlights and electronic brake. It also has 2 doors that can be opened for added convenience.

Features 🧰 

📌24 Volts ( 2 x 12 Volts motors)

📌Parental Remote

📌Self Drive

📌Music (USB/Bluetooth).

📌LED Lights

📌Swing Function

📌Speed 4 to 6km

📌Carrying 40kg

📌1 - 5 years or 6


Assembly & Delivery 🛠️

All orders are delivered unassembled in a box.

If you want us to assemble your order please call 0451 950 535. An assembling fee of $30-60 may apply. 

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