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Imagine the look on their face as they hop on the Big 4 Motor ATV (4x540W) - the meanest looking toy on the block!

This top quality Ride-On has a stable four wheel design and absolutely everything a child could want, including suspension for when the tough gets going!

Despite the serious looking exterior this ATV is simple to control, and boasts an array of features for maximum fun including a sensible 4-10km/h speed range, forward and reverse motion, lights and a horn.

The Big 4 Motor ATV will undoubtedly be the favourite toy.

Features 🧰

📌 BIG 12v10ah battery for long life 

📌 Available in Red, Blue & White 

📌 Size in CM (142 x 99 x 109) 

📌 Parental Remote means you always stay in control

📌 Self Drive (Forward + Reverse gearing) 

📌 Musical components USB + AUX + Bluetooth + FM Radio!!! (the car also includes inbuilt music)

📌 Warranty available for Battery (6 Months) 

📌 Functional steering wheel (Horn + Music control)

📌 LED lights front & back 

📌Functioning flood lights 

📌 Rubber middle  tires

📌 Spring Suspension x 4

📌 Seat belt 

📌 Heavy duty can use in parks, on beach + rough surfaces 

Assembly & Delivery 🛠️

All orders are delivered unassembled in a box.

If you want us to assemble your order please call 0451 950 535. An assembling fee of $30-60 may apply. 

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